Whitworth Bullet

This is my first post so first of all hello to everyone.

I haven’t worked out how to send photos yet (I have seen the info on the tech issues page) but as soon as I have I upload a couple.

In the mean time can anyone help with identification of a hexagonal Whitworth bullet I have.

It weighs approx 490grs, approx .454in (11.55mm) dia, 1.46in (37.36mm) length and has a paper sleeve with “Whitworth Patent” written in old fashioned writing. At the base is a leather or felt disc with a thin metal disc with 6 small holes in. I’ve been told it is a clean out bullet but I can find no information on it.

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The round below (somewhat dark) is how the completed round should look. This has two ‘washers’ at the bullet base, a thin one with 6 holes on the exterior and what appears to be a thicker, inner washer.
I have this round listed a under a Nov 6, 1885 patent # 2856.
I believe your correct the tin washer as somewhat of a clean-out function.

As promised here are a couple of photos, the 22 Rimfire is for comparison purposes

Many thanks for the picture of the complete round. I might have got the description slightly incorrect by indicating it had a paper sleeve but the base looks similar.

Pete, wonderful cartridge! These are some excerpts from the No. 2856 patent dated November 4, 1865:

Thanks for posting this info, I can now add some notes to my records.