Whitworth hexagonal bolt projectile


Another bullet from the same shop. Any idea?


Civil War era Whitworth. Hard to tell if it’s Shell or Shot.



It has 2 threaded holes on the opposite sides going towards the inside at a 90 degree angle. I saw it for a sec and saw nothing written on it.


Never seen one with holes. Result of deactivation? That would indicate it’s a shell

The Whitworth, BTW, was rifled and the shape of the projectile conforms to the Whitworth type of rifleing.



Ha! Both of my kids walkd by and asked if that was an eggplant!



Ray, you are correct, as always. Here is a site with a projectile image down the page. Never knew this gun existed!!!
thedonovan.com/archives/2004 … annon.html


Somewhat similar twisted hexagonal rifle bullets were used in Whitworth rifles, popular in the 1860s with target shooters and Confederate snipers.

There was a great display of those at SLICS about 3 years ago- including one or two of the rifles and lots of different ammo variations.


Here is a REALLY nice example of the .45 Hexagonal Whitworth from Manfred Beutter’s Aucton Catalog #2. The Whitworth was also made with a cylindrical bullet.


Here are three .45 Whitworth variations with the round projectile: