Who actually makes .22 ammo these days?


I am given to understand that the names on the boxes has little relation to the origins of where .22 ammo is actually made these days.
For the sake of clarity can we map out where ammo is actually produced and by who?


As far as I have been able to glean from my researches and accumulated information, .22 ammo is still made by a large number of individual companies and factories around the world, although there is a lot of “Cartel” like relationships between actual manufacturers and "brand "names.

I will divide up the locations according to Continents.

Americas (Nth and Sth)
USA: CCI, Western, Remington, Federal?
Mexico CCI, Remington ( Aguila?)
Brazil: CBC
Others: probably in Argentina, ??)

Europe (West):
RWS and Lapua (Germany)
Fiocchi (Italy)
Lapua probably still maintains its Finland Plant, but since it bought the Schoenebeck (DDR) factory, all .22 Production is concentrated there.

Former Eastern European countries Unknown…several did exist pre-1989.

Russia: several plants. (Tula, Barnaul, etc.)

Asia: China ( “Norinco”)
Arms Corp. of the Philippines ( also makes “Eley” on contract.)

Australia: Winchester-Western plant.

Africa: None known.

SO that’s it. I have no current info regarding France or Spain; they were in production in the 20th century, but now, probably defunct.

Doc AV
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Doc AV–Doesn’t South Africa still make their own .22’s?


Don’t know for sure…did see some SA made .22 in Australia about 5 years ago, but none since…

AV Ballistics.


I know that the DWM / IWK / IWKA / Mauser KK80 .22lr ammunition production was eventually moved to Canada in the late 1970s. I believe it was the Canadian branch of Winchester that manufactured them in the end.

The RWS brand is part of RUAG Ammotech GmbH at the moment, in combination with the Rottweil, Norma, HP and GECO brands.