Who are the younger members with similar interests?

RE: Photobucket; With Photobucket, if my computer(s) all suddenly disappeared, then nothing would happen to my photobucket photos as long as I can remember my username and password to Photobucket. They host all of the photos, and the photos remain there forever as long as you keep it open - they are not on my computer. In fact, most of the photos I have posted to the IAA forum exist only on my Photobucket account, and not on my computer since I delete them after I upload them. I think I pay a small fee for my account due to the amount I use, but it’s not much. I would just make sure that as with all username / password websites of importance that people use, that a trusted person or two has access to that should they need it after a person dies. And also have the associated email account and password available since notifications from hosting services would be sent there.

I would tend to worry a little bit more about having a secure user name and password so that no person could access them nefariously and delete everything. This typically would not happen since that is a tedious process to individually delete them all, or to cancel the account it sends a confirmation email to the associated account’s email (yours). There is also little incentive for a hacker to do this, but still… Having back-ups on 2 separate USB drives in different locations is also wise for all files in general.


I started collecting at age 13 ( I will be 54 this year). Have stopped and restarted many times. My passion is 30-06. But I am interested in anything interesting that I don’t already have.

Not many are my age- I’m 13!

Jumping in on this topic:

I am 26 with a passion for Rimfire, Pinfire and Caseless cartridges. I started collecting just over one year ago after an auction lot came with a few cartridges as an added bonus. Reading the history on the cartridge company’s inspired me to keep on collecting, because I wanted to learn more!


[quote]I think the only relaible way is to have data digitalized and being spread out to the world as only there the data can survive on everybodies hard drives, that is like a thousandfold backup.
Everything located in only 1 spot (no matter who is hosting or archiving) may disappear within seconds as we all see (technical reasons, people passing away etc.).

EOD: Absolutely correct, especially good for information which doesn’t change, such as old catalogs etc. I do see difficulties with editing and updating current data.

John, actually the modern stuff is not much different from the old, the news are just more frequent due to globalization and businesses being connected etc.
All we can do is being data recorders and where ever possible ID the ties and backgrounds. The more people we are the better the results - the forum here is the best proof. If one does not know the full story of something there is often somebody else who can contribute more or less to the issue and add one or more little mosaic segments.

I am 34 years old… due to italian laws about military ammunition and LOADED ammunition, my most interestes are in the wildcat & proprietary field…

40yro here. Been collecting on and off since I was 12 or 13 though nothing serious until the last few years. Learned of and signed up for the IAA last year.

I am 43 -

Collect only 8x33 and 8x57 -

My fellow gun collecting friends think I am a little nuts with my ammo collecting hobby.
I have parcels arriving from all over the country, and often the world, it’s almost like stamp collecting for me.
Buy, study, log research - I use a text edit to log -.

Will be drilling clear plastic to hold these nose down per factory, shortly.

Just need a break in work.

Really enjoy chatting and reading the posts of more experienced collectors here.

54 and been collecting for some 7-8 years now, danish (including police), german WW2, and NATO. Started because of my shooting hobby, not a hunter, target shooting only. Nice thing is that anybody who have something they are not allowed to have, they ask me if I want it. One surprising result is that I have about 150 different (case-) lots of 7.9 german and 2 (two) lots of Pistolenpatrone 43. Very few MP44’s were given out to the occupying troops in this country.

I’m 31, and have been actively collecting for almost 3 years. I’m after one of every caliber and starting to specialize in 9x19 but, have a dozen or so reference collection. I’m open to specializing in other calibers as my interests directs. I’m also fro Utah USA, which i understand puts me in a minority. I try hard to rope others into the hobby, and have given away a good number of starter collections in hopes that some may run with it.

Something I’m in the works of is starting a YouTube channel on cartridge collecting. My goal is to routinely produce 5-10 minute (on average) videos on as many different calibers as possible and other videos on cartridge collecting. My hope is that I will be able to tap into the amazing minds found here on the IAA to gather specific and accurate (as possible) details for each video. I want the videos to be fun and interesting, but also educational and possibly encourage others to pick up the hobby.

Last, Others are worried whom they will pass their knowledge and information to. Give it to me. All of it. send me letters, pictures, data bases and what ever else you have that you want to share. my email is john.d.hambleton@gmail.com I will be grateful, and i will do my best to incorporate as much as possible in my videos…eventually.


I have known John since he started collecting and we have attended the Coeur d’Alene show a couple times. He is excited about the hobby and has been instrumental in identifying and coaxing out several “closet cartridge collectors” here in Utah. I will be helping him as best I can.


I’m 24, and have been collecting military ammunition ‘types’ (e.g. 7.62x51mm NATO M80 Ball) as opposed to ‘varieties’ (e.g. .30 Carbine HS “LC 4”) since high school. I’ve updated my profile with my areas of interest, website, and location.

I also collect digitized factory drawings of ammunition, projectiles, etc, so that I can re-create them accurately in SolidWorks.

-Nathaniel F

Thanks go to xjda68 for contacting me about a young Australian collector.
Looks very promising as one to pass the baton to.

Thanks again, Joe.