Who is A M on pinfire shotshell

Anybody know who is A M from Paris?

Regards rené

Very late production cartridge
Marked “pour poudre pyroxyline”…an early type of Guncotton or Nitrated Collodial Cellulose. Explosive when dry.
Developed before Vielle’s Poudre Blanche for smokeless cartridges.
Interesting. Pyroxylene is still made today, but as a liquid base for varnishes etc, with modifyers which prevent explosion when dried.
Original Guncotton for artillery was so unstable it was stored in underwater magazines to prevent spontaneous explosions.
Doc AV

Thanks Doc Av!

In the meantime I found in Manfred Zweckers book that this case was Manufactured by Gaupillat.
But still don’t know who A M is.

regards rené