Who is C.L. Wagner, Berne? And who made this box for him?

I randomly came across this box online and of course called the guy right away to buy it!

Who in the world is C.L. Wagner? All I can find about him is a blurb from a Rock Island Auction some time ago saying “Wagner worked from 1842 to 1877 in the city of Bern and was one of the first to sell imported firearms with his name stamped on them. Wagner was also known to have modified his imported firearms before offering them for sale.”

He is not even in Johan Støckle’s book.

Also, without knowing the headstamp any ideas who made this? I am thinking Gevelot, especially by the looks of the cartridges or maybe Fusnot from the looks of the box.

Aaron, great find! The name of this Swiss gunsmith was Karl Ludwig Wagner and his shop was established in Bern 1848. The 1877 date is the date when he died, but his business was continued by A. Wespi. He must have been very active because its markings can be found in several types of firearms, including Swiss Chamelot-Delvigne revolvers, and Martini and Vetterli rifles.

The label style is similar to the one used with some of the “GJ” brand cartridges.



From the informations I’ve got, Karl Ludwig, or Charles Louis Wagner was born in 1848 and died in 1877. I have the same box, GJ hst. Like Fede sais, great find.


And JF, you are holding out on me! What other hidden pinfire boxes do you have? I did not even know this one existed.

I am not sure I have even seen boxes for J Stahl pinfires either.