Who is this? 12.7x99 50bmg "AL .50 II 65"

Fuchs lists AL as unknown

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Is it something Swiss?

I have it listed as Italy

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Can you post pictures of your headstamps? Why Italy?
I looked through all of my drawers and 3stake primers were FN and SBS. I prob missed a few others. The flat primer I have looks weird as well. Reload?

Can’t speak to the one on the right, but my example is identical to the one on the left. I had it listed as Italy, as that was the label on the cartridge when I acquired it.

Font style and size of the left example is very similar to this Manurhin headstamp from the same date. Also note the primer crimps.

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One of mine is labeled as “Holland” but that might have been confusion with the AI headstamp.

I saw similar triple stab on some FN and SBS headstamps.

One of the leading French experts confirmed it to be French made (Manurhin) and assumes it to be for export.

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I know this is old hat to you, but for the uninitiated…

Right (clockwise from top): 3-65 (Production: March, 1965), F (Metal Supplier? F = Tréfileries et Laminnoirs de la Méditerranée, St. Louis, France), 12.7 (.50 BMG), MR (ManuRhin).
Left (clockwise from top): AL (Client?), II (Month?: 2 = February), 65 (Year: 1965), .50 (.50 BMG).

Do you think the large font version is the same manufacturer?

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Here’s my guess.
The machinery used to make the headstamp may have been made by Manurhin, because the font is the same. The headstamp style is French, with the 12 & 6 o’clock markings at angle to the 9 & 3 o’clock ones. The factory might be French or a European company with a French military contract.