Who is this guy?

There is a guy on Ebay selling hundred of original catalogues about ctges and guns.
Located in Litchfield, Connecticut.

Do you know him ?
Is he a member of IAA ?


I don’t know her but she is not a “guy”. I inquired if she had a shop (I live not too far away) and she said no.

Can you link to one of her postings? I am being lazy and don’t want to try and find her on eBay.


You may also type “ammo catalogue” in eBay search.
cgi.ebay.com/1970-Polish-Hunting … dZViewItem

Here is what I can figure. I bought one item from E-Bay from




At least they only add $3.50 for Standard Shipping!

It makes sense that this is from the HP White Lab. about 4 or 5 years ago, the HP White Lab sold all their old gun and ammo files. These had been stored in large cardboard boxes and most were sold by the box on ebay, with the exception of about 20 boxes that were seperate, and had ammo reference material (I was told) which went to a guy in Tennessee. I spoke with him at the time and he wasn’t interested in selling them or even describing the contents. He was not an IAA member, had not even heard of the IAA, but was associated with Law Enforcement.

I bought one of the first few boxes off ebay and was very disappointed that all the old cartridge catalogs that should have been in my box were missing. The folders were there for a number of 1900-1960s catalogs, but they were empty except for one that just had a poor xerox copy. I ran it down and found that someone who worked closely with HP in the 70s was given permission to go into the files (there were 50-100 boxes of material as I remember) and pull out what he wanted. He pulled all the old ammo catalogs for a friend overseas who liked ammo catalogs. This guy had no interest in shotshells so the shotshell only catalogs were apparently passed over. I passed on the rest of the boxes, but I understand from others who bought them that there were some incredible old gun catalogs, including some that were sold at gunshows for $100s each. Nothing in my box that looks that good!!! I spoke to HP White at the time about donating the entire set to the IAA, but they were not interested!!!

It looks like this lady came into possession of a box of this HP White material.

Cheers, Lew