Who is this US manufacturer?

I just picked up a new 7.62 NATO ammo can with a manufacturer’s code I am unfamiliar with. The can is a normal “M19A1” dated “06” manufactured by “S.C.F.” like commonly seen on cans containing Lake City ammunition.
All the can markings and layout are typical U.S. for linked 7.62x51mm (4) M-80 ball to (1) M-62 tracer. The odd part is the maker. The bottom line on the can is “SBS07E001L007”. Who is “SBS”? This ammunition was used for training by the Vermont Army National Guard recently, but unfortunately the soldier I got the can from had no idea what the headstamp of the ammo was. It’s just ammo to them…

My only thought is that the ammo might be re-packed Lake City, but there are no markings to indicate this, like I have seen on other cans in the past.


SBS = Santa Barbara Systems. The ammunition is made in Spain under contract by General Dynamics. When Lake City realized they coundn’t keep up with ammunition production for the wars in Iraq and Afgahanistan, the army looked for a secound source for small arms ammunition. GD won this contract, but because they didn’t make SAA, they teamed up with Olin East Alton, SNC in Canada, Ponsong Metals in South Korea, Santa Barbara Systems in Spain and IMI in Israel. Known headstamps from this second source contract are (+) PMJ 06, (+) SBS 05 and (+) SBS 06 - these are from US training ranges. The IMI catridges should also turn up in the US as this ammunition was for use in the US only (for obvious reasons!). I’d be grateful if you could post a picture of the can. Is there any possibility of finding out what the headstamp of the cartridge is?

Dave S