Who knows anything about 43 Russian Berdan?

I have recently run across a couple cartridges and was wondering if anybody might be able to help with the id.
8,T, Backwards N, and 4 are on the headstamp.

An iamge of the hs would certainly be a better basis for the ID. Can you show us one?

A picture would help, anyway it should be made in 1884 by the Tula arsenal

I’ll upload one as soon as possible, thanks for the info so far.

I’d like to ask a related question. Municion.org states that below pictured headstamp is made at St.Petersburg factory with metal provided by Чикин in the 3rd (III) quatrimester of 1883. How do they know it is St.Petersburg, and not Tula?

Tula was private company and on Berdan cases it used headstamp П. Тульскій З. (Tula cartridge plant) + year. It start to produce Berdan cartridges in 1882 (or may be in 1881)

The headstamp on the picture above is typical for Government factory (in 1883 it could be only Petersburg cartridge plant) and include code of metall supplier, year and period (quatrimester) of manufacturing.

Here you can find great many pictures of the Russian Berdan headstamps:
Unfortunately, the page is on Russian. What type of additional info you need?

Thanks for the help guys, it was made in Tula in 1884, I am new to this website and it has so far been a great help.

So i have found a what im certain is a berdan case in mongolia but the headstamp is a bit difficult to read, and im sorry for the poor quality photo, just had my phone on me.

Cyten, your’s here is the Tula manufacture Treshkin described above.