Who made the smokeless powder?

As I posted in a topic on 7x57mm Mauser ammunition that was made in the Dominican Republic by factory “R” using a 160 grain bullet in 1945, who would have made their smokeless powder?

No one?

Please, can you post pictures of the headstamp?

Rapidrob - If the headstamp of your cartridge is * R * 3 * 45,
then it was actually made by Fabrica Realengo, at Rio de
Janeiro, Brazil.

Reference: Cartridge Headstamp Guide, White & Munhall, 1963,
page 165, Item 1494.

I don’t know who would have made the powder. Dupont, as I recall,
had some interest in this factory around that time, although I don’t
have time at the moment to look those dates up.

Some 7 x 57 mm Ammunition was made in the Dominican Republic,
at Armeria San Cristobal, using the headstamp letters “A C” and
which was a Government facility. The only date I know of is “52”
but I am no expert on the 7 x 57 mm cartridge, and can’t look it up
right now.

John Moss

Thank you John for the info. I’ll post the head stamp when I get free time.

Here is the head stamp of the 7x57mm cartridge.The powder charge was 42.5 grains of a stick powder.

Nice pictures. Definitely from Realengo, in Brazil.

John Moss

Than you for the info John.
The ammo had been wet and the primers were dead. No bad corrosion of the bullets and the powder was clean and dry. It’s nice to know it may be an IMR type powder.
I cleaned the bullets/ brass and annealed it. I replaced the primers weighed the powder charge and reseated the bullets.
The reloaded ammo shoots very well at 500 yards. I may try it at 800 yards this weekend.