Who made these Rem-Peters 8x57 Mausers?

I was going through some stuff I bought a while back and I came across two foreign boxes. Inside the two boxes were 15 rounds of 7.9x57 J Mauser (.318") ammo on 3 brass chargers. I was very surprized when I removed one of the rounds from its charger. The headstamp is “R-P 8mm (8x57)” and they are loaded with soft point bullets. At first I figured it was because someone had just replaced some of the cartridges with R-P cartridges. But they are all R-P cartridges. They do not look to be reloads either. Were this made by some foreign company for Remington? When did Remington start using the R-P headstamp? There are what appears to be dates on the boxes of 11-1952 & 11-1951. Anyone have any information?

The ‘R-P’ headstamp appeared ca. 1960. The headstamps on these 8mm cartridges lack the boldness of the early ‘R-P’ headstamp.

The boxes are pretty common Yugoslav military surplus. Unless irrefutably factory sealed, I highly doubt that the rounds are original to the boxes.

Every thing about these cartridges is wrong. That headstamp was not used until about 1980. Remington only loaded the 8mm Mauser with the round nose 170gr. Corelokt bullets from 1946 onward. Remington does not use that style crimp. These cartridges are a total reload and never originated in those packages.

Not to mention that looks like a Turkish clip the ones I have found in those boxes are high quality.

The headstamp style those is quite late, perhaps 2005 or so? I seen other calibers with that ‘double’ caliber designation, all of it post 2000.

Thanks everyone. I didn’t think they were correct. I was almost positive they were in the wrong boxes. But I didn’t want to be almost right. So I figured I would ask you guys. I knew I had also seen this headstamp in the past but not very often. However I don’t think they are reloads as I don’t see any of the normal die marks from re-sizing on the cases. They may be hand loads though if who ever did them used a factory crimp die. I figured the best thing to do was ask.
Thanks again.

Zac, a factory cartridge with this headstamp should have a 170 gr. Core-Lokt SP bullet and that is not the one loaded in your cartridges. Also, the primer cup should be brass.

I’m not sure when this headstamp style was introduced but it may have something to do with their Remington Express 1998 style boxes. I have one of those full of these cartridges.