Who made this .30-06?

I got this PT .30-06 round.

The base is Aluminium and the primer is ring crimped.
The guy I got it from said it might be either from Norway or Sweden.
Does anyone has more information?
Thanks in advance



Norway Bakkelitten Fabriken patent plastic and aluminium base Manoevre Blank.
Used in Norway, Denmark, etc in 50s to 80s.

Doc AV

Doc AV,

Is it really a blank or is it what we call it in Germany a Plastic Training round (short range)?



i think this round is short range not blank (normally if they are blank ,the tip of “bullet” would be precut for easy opening when fired)

This is not a blank! It was made by the Norwegian factory Bakelittfabrikken A/S (note the spelling) and the correct Norwegian designation is 7,62 mm x 63 M1F1 kortholds.

Thank you very much!

Apologies, Desperado.
My bad…Blue-coloured Plastic follow Nato rules of ID…“Blue-Prac.
The corresponding .30 Blank by
BF is Red…
Blue is a short-range (indoor) practice cartridge, where the plastic bullet separates from the
Body at the neck, to go to the target.
Still lethal/ dangerous at very close range.

My apologies

Hey, no problem!
Thanks anyway!

Picture of the shortrange box:

And the blank box:

Another one for blanks:

Two different earlier shortrange:

Plastic Shortrange, Blue,
Bakellitenfsbrik, Norway
Plqstic Blank Red
Brass case Short range x2
Norma Sweden.
For Norwegian Defence Forces, 1950s and 60s

Doc AV

Not Norma Sweden, but Norma Norway. The boxes say Oslo.