Who made this 50 bmg headstamp "O.K."


Also, how about a couple of others
fired electric primed, no HS

“MERLIN”… this has a slightly undersize neck that someone stuffed a ball bullet into, swelling it out.

One OK headstamp is Ordnance Factory, Khamaria, Jubbulpore India


Thanks. That matches pretty well with another cartridge I have by OFV that calls it 50 “RMG” as well.

Jesse, great finds, thanks for sharing.

Indian cases in this caliber are very hard to find in the west. Is this an unfinished case or just empty? The “RMG” designation stand for “Ranging Machine Gun”, because this cartridge was adopted to be used in tanks to match the ballistic of the main gun.

Do you have more detail about the electric primed case? Any case markings?

The last one was made by Ballard Rifle & Cartridge, LLC. I don’t know who was the customer.



The O.K. is an unprimed empty, believe it is a finished case.
My OFV is a complete draw set.

No detail at all on the electric primed. It’s VERY close to another electric primed I have, with a black tipped bullet, no bullet crimp, primer has 3 stab crimps.