Who made this 7.62mm K F 0 97

This one has me scratching my head, I don’t think it is KOF but KF and a Zero. Way too good of a headstamp to be Kenyan. Any ideas?


Kenya Ordnance Factory. Small plant set up by FN and New Lachaussee, for the Kenya Gov’t; Belgian ammo maker and machinery maker.
UN arms control rules required destruction of old British etc machinery from 1960s before new plant able to be shipped.
Doc AV.

The bullet here reminds me of FN experimentals.
Does anybody know more?

You can find several “experimentals” loaded in Kenyan cases, but I’m afraid that all of them came from you know who at the FN lab. No idea why he choose those cases, but reminds me of another sad story that ocurred in Spain, where someone created several Spanish experimental 7.62x51 cartridges using Iranian cases!



I am surpised it is KOF…all my other KOF samples have very poor fonts and scribing on the headstamp compared to this one. Thanks everyone.