Who made this 9x39?

A recent post by Lew on Russian 9x19 boxes caused me to check a 9x39 round that I have, as I think I have mistaken its identity.

I thought that the symbol on the headstamp was that of Klimovsk. However, after seeing the crisp headstamps shown in Lew’s post, I don’t believe that the symbol is the same.

Lew gave me this round in October last year and that is when I entered it into my log and searched online for the manufacturer’s details. I cannot recall if I thought this was the same symbol as that shown in the other post, or if I saw an image of the symbol on the 9x39 HS, which was attributed to Klimovsk.


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All correct with Klimovsk (KSPZ) here. Just a logo variation.

I just got that round last weekend! Thanks for the info.

Thanks Alex.