Who made this, and is it a Flobert?

I believe this is a 6mm Flobert, but the rim is so thick that I’m not sure - could be an internally primed centerfire, but I wouldn’t expect the headstamp to be in the center of the head if it was. The headstamp is a raised ‘A’ - does anyone know who made it?

Guy, I believe this is a French i/p cf Adaptor cartridge produced by SFM. There are two very similar ones both with “A” hs. It is either a:

6.5x8R Albini Adapter (FR80) intended for use in an adapter for the 11mm Albini M87 Rifle. This has a 6.3-6.5mm bullet diameter, 8mm rim.


5.5x7R Comblain Adapter (FR75) but is about 0.5mm larger in overall dimensions. It has a 5.5-5.6mm bullet, 7.4mm rim

The bullet on this one is about 6.3mm, and the rim is right at 8mm, so if it is an adapter, it must be the Albini. Thanks.