Who made this Egyptian 7.92x57 Mauser?



I have an Egyptian 7.92x57 Mauser made in 1956 and I was wondering if anyone tell me who made it? I’m assuming it is a government factory but a quick search didn’t lead me to anything conclusive.


Any help greatly appreciated.


Hi Mayhem - The symbol at the top represents “MISR” which roughly means “Egypt” and denotes “property of Egypt”. Your round was made in 1956. Egyptian 7.9x57 ammunition was made at Shoubra. I hope this helps. -Ger


Hi Ger - Thank you. That is greatly appreciated.


I too have several of these rounds and have always wondered about them, thanks.

Unfortunately 2/3 have had their tips ground down to make a soft point of sorts. One day I’ll get proper bullets to replace them.