Who made this Egyptian 7.92x57 Mauser?


I have an Egyptian 7.92x57 Mauser made in 1956 and I was wondering if anyone tell me who made it? I’m assuming it is a government factory but a quick search didn’t lead me to anything conclusive.


Any help greatly appreciated.

Hi Mayhem - The symbol at the top represents “MISR” which roughly means “Egypt” and denotes “property of Egypt”. Your round was made in 1956. Egyptian 7.9x57 ammunition was made at Shoubra. I hope this helps. -Ger

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Hi Ger - Thank you. That is greatly appreciated.

I too have several of these rounds and have always wondered about them, thanks.

Unfortunately 2/3 have had their tips ground down to make a soft point of sorts. One day I’ll get proper bullets to replace them.

Thanks for this. I have a bag of very clean 7.92. Was wondering if it is machinegun/Hot ammo. It does measure .318

Uh, no.

The bullet diameter is measured on the shank
(Parallel part) which is inside the neck, between cannelure and base.
Any measurement forward of the cannelure is
meaningless, for calibre bullet diameter determination.

Factory #27, El Shoubra, outside Cairo in the Delta of the Nile.
“Misr” is not arabic, but Ancient Egyptian/ Coptic,
Meaning " Egypt"…which is actually a Greek Ptolemaic word, “Aegyptos” further transferred into Latin in 1st century
BCE, and eventually Anglicized to “Egypt”.

By the way, there are no signs for Vowels in ancient Egyptian ( as in Hieroglyphs)…they were “understood” in the vocalisation of signs.

So M(i)SR can be vocalised as Miser, maser, misir, etc…we just don’t know. Even Coptic ( used by the Christian Coptic Orthodox Church in Egypt, one of the oldest Chrustian congregations in the world…100CE, )
derived its language and pronunciation from Ancient Egyptian, which declined completely ( Hieroglyphic writing) about 300CE. GREEK and LATIN took over, followedby ARABIC in around 700CE.

Doc AV

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