Who made this headstamp?


I have been trying to I.D. the manufacturer of these cartridges but I cannot find anything so far. They are 9mm Flobert rimfire shot shells with a raised “NvD” headstamp. Any help would be appreciated very much.


I have it listed as Unknown. See if anyone else may have something.


Hi Zac,

These are the initials of Johann Nikolaus von Dreyse (1787-1867). I don’t have a picture of box, but I assume it was made by Dreyse & Collenbusch in Sömmerda.




Thanks cartridgecorner & fede.


Please keep in mind that Sömmerda had two totally separate companies in which Dreyse was involved:

  • Dreyse & Collenbusch (the older one; eventually became part of Selve-Kronbiegel-Dornheim) and
  • Nikolaus von Dreyse rifle factory (Gewehrfabrik) founded for making military and commercial needle guns (eventually was bought by Rheinmetall).