Who made this M1030?


Have seen a number of pictures of these and the only one that I found with a manufacturer listed was a commercial box by Federal. This round was taken from a white box of five, on which I didn’t see a manufacturer listed. I don’t have the box.



I am thinking Federal and as I have marked on mine…”not production” The M1030 is the DOD number. The one headstamp has M1030 on it
The dark primer could be an inert loading too (I have one noted like that)

The brown top stripe round is from the common DOD box and I’m not sure of manufacturer and head stamp does not help

Sorry for the smart phone photo.

Thanks Pepper - that is the same box as mine came from.
Unless anyone has any additional info, I log it as probably Federal.

If it is about the DTC; this one was identified earlier.

Yes…I should have “Forum searched” The question was of the brown hulled. But yes my notes say Def Tech (Defense Technologies) for the box. I have the wide mouth stripe in green in the rubber payload version. Thanks EOD

I did see that but the actual round was different and the brown one was elsewhere shown with a Federal HS, so I wasn’t 100% sure.