Who made this pinfire box?


[b]I recently bought this tin box and am wondering who made it. It is in English which is what confuses me.
A lot of the English makers (Eley, Kynoch) used this style box and paper labels, and even Sellier & Bellot and Braun & Bloem as well as others used English wording on a lot of boxes.

However, the cartridges inside is the exact same as the common one by Charles Fusnot of Bruxells with one exception; there is no headstamp.[/b]

Here is a comparison of a cartridge from each of these boxes. It is the exact same cartridge except the one on the right has the pictured headstamp and the one on the left has no headstamp.

[b]This style cartridge is the most commonly found excavated cartridge from civil war battlefields that I have seen. My theory is that these were part of the 200,000 rounds of pinfire cartridges that Colonel Schuyler brought back from Europe for the war efforts in October 1861, and that Fusnot made these cartridges and box specifically for export.

What do you think?[/b]


Aaron: Does the box with the English label have a history of turning up in the U.S.? Is it known from older cartridges-for-collectors lists and the like? Jack



No, I haven’t seen this box before. If anything, the green one seems to turn up here pretty often.


Is it the cartridges without headstamp or the ones with the Fusnot marking that turn up in historical sites in the U.S.? Jack


Well, I have seen them with the Fusnot headstamps, and I have seen ones that look like the Fusnot ones with no headstamp, but always just assumed that being in the ground faded the headstamp since it is already faint.

Also, as an interesting point, all of the pinfire cartridges I have in my collection recovered from Confederate camps (in both 9mm and 12mm) were made by Chaudun or Chaudun & Derivière.


As a WAG, perhaps a English importer / retailer for sale in the English market. Similar to Shamrock brand (F. Dyke &Co.) or The Arms & Ammunition Manufacturing Co. both of which sold foreign made cartridges under their label, but also stated ammunition made in France, Belgium & etc.
Could also be a re-packaging, pre-WW One? Tin it’s self looks British manufacture.
Sorry not to be of more help.