Who Made This?

Anybody any ideas who made this cartridge case. No printing on the case at all, the head stamp looks like four (4) Oak Leaves above and below the 12 - 12.
With just a plain orange case,


Hi mike,
Beautiful headstamp!
It looks like old bischweiler headstamps but cannot say for sure.
I also have a few very old Slovenian cases with somewhat similar headstamps.
I will try to make some pictures later.

Regards René

Hi René,

Yeah, I thought Bischweiler as I didn’t know anything else, thanks for the reply.


GREAT headstamp

I think it looks like this Weidmannsdank

Best regards,

Hi Lars,

Yes it is very close to that, different primer type but the stamp is very close, thanks.

Came from a pile of junk, just the one in maybe 400+.


Good on ya Mike