Who will be present at SLICS 2010


Like to start this new topic…

I will be at SLICS this year!!
Are there more friends coming to the show!!





I will be there, have 2 tables this time and a display on one of them


Planning on it.
I’m supposed to be bringing a couple other members down with me (good Lord willing, and the crick don’t rise)


I’ll be there for the first time since Chicagoland in 1988. I am one of those “couple others” tailgunner mentioned. I REALLY appreciate his offer to let me hitch a ride with him. And in less than 24 hours after Tailgunner gave me a way to get there, I had a roommate for the show. “Dutch” from here on the Forum offered to share a room. Now all I need to do is quit eating, paying my rent, etc. to save up some money!!!


I’m out this year…stupid family events! Don’t they know any better???


Perhaps Mrs Ray will give herself a vacation, I mean send Ray to St. Louis this year


I’m hoping to make it for a day or two.


All collectors should seriously think about attending each SLICS as if it were their last, you never know what will happen with values, travel costs, and legislation. Not to mention the possible health issues of fellow collectors to trade with, who might not be able to attend as time goes on. I sort of look at it as a way to round up as much information and specimens as possible while still possible for someone in my age bracket (30). The show is very worth while.


I’ll be there, so please bring all those 30-06s and boxes.

That’s also you Ray, you don’t have a way to store them anyway

CU all in STL



Jason ???



I’m sure thinking about it but its a $ issue. I’d have more incentive if Rick and Ray were for sure coming.




I plan to be there for part of it.