Who's going to the Prescott show?

OK gang, let’s see a good turnout.

I’m bringing some big bucks this time ;) Yeah right, maybe momma will be good to me and let me have a few hundred more than last year!

Anyone coming . . . I’m looking for 8mm Kropatschek even if just for components (thanks to Peter G. for the bag full he brought me last year). 7.62x45 brass cased. 8mm Nambu components. Another 40mm Bofors if it is a good deal. Interesting .303 British. A bando or two of original .30 carbine. And anything else that strikes my fancy!! LOL

Hope to see many of you there. My wife and I plan on attending the dinner this year. It’s hard to get my wife involved in my hobbies but she has agreed to the dinner this time.


I’ll be there !!!

I wish I was going to be there. Not this time but some day I will be there. Only a few more years till retirement then I plan to go.

Yeah, that sounds like a plan. Actually, I’m going to spend and extra day there and try to convince my wife that we should retire there in 2023 or sooner. That way, I can help Pete run the show or give him a break once in a while! LOL

I really like the area.