Why bother with lacquers and varnishes


A 1880 UMC ad swears that a lot of 400.000 Berdan Cartridges (Russian model, I guess) which were taken from the wreck of the steamer City of Guatemala, after being under salt water for over three months, were put in boiling water to soak off the grease and dirt, then put in sulphuric acid and water to clean them, and afterwards washed in warm water. After going through these three processes, several thousand were tried, and not one failed in explode promptly.

(This text is at the bottom of the ad)

Oh, and by the way… what were “black and pink edge wads”? Shotshell wads?


Yes, Black Edge and Pink Edge refer to shotshell wads. Here are the pages from the 1887 U.M.C. Catalog.