Why can't I post a message in the Buy/Sell/Trade forum?


Please excuse my ignorance if this is not the correct forum for this message. I am a new user to this forum, even though I have been a IAA member for several years. I am searching for a 9.5 x 60R Turkish Mauser cartridge. For some reason, I am unable to post on the “Buy/Sell/Trade” part of this forum, which is probably the proper place to post such a request. Can anyone help me? I have read the instructions many times and have tried my best, but am unsuccessful. Thank you in advance for your help.



How long ago did you try? Each request is manually checked and approved. Maybe Chris has not seen yours as yet.



Thanks for you input, Ray. That may be the problem. I just joined this forum at 1213 hrs today. I have been trying intermittently ever since then to be able to post on the buy/sell/trade site. I’ll give it a try again tomorrow. I’m not in any hurry. I just thought that I was missing something or did something wrong. Thanks again for your help…


As Ray pointed out, you need to send a e-mail to Chris, requesting that you be added to the list of people that are allowed to post in that section.
Once Chris receives, reviews, and adds you to the list, IIRC he will notify you that you can now post there.

Ya, it’s a bit of a hassle at first, but it’s only a one time thing.


Craig- Tailgunner is slightly incorrect on the process.

The original registration submission for the BST section of the forum automatically goes to Chris B for his approval. You do not have to submit anything else.

Just be patient. Chris has a real job, and a wife, and a life, and it sometimes takes a while before he gets a chance to do IAA stuff. Since he does it for free (like just about everything that anyone does for IAA) we should just be grateful for the great benefits we get, even if not always instant gratification.


Thank you all for your feedback. Do I have to apply specifically to the BST Forum or was my registration on this forum sufficient to alert Chris? Once again, sorry for my ignorance. I did, in fact, make an honest attempt to explore every aspect of this site and read and understand everything on my own. Thank you for your patience.


Please follow the instructions at the top of the BST forum posts

SEPARATE registration to post there is required, in addition to the basic registration for the general discussion forum. Basically that is needed to ensure posters are IAA members. (Membership has its advantages, so the folks who pay for the site get to advertise for free.)


Craig–Registration on the General Forum is NOT sufficient for posting on the B/S/T section. You must register separately as part of the Special User Group. Then Chris B. has to manually approve your registration as part of that group. This is because only IAA members are allowed to post (although anyone can read and respond) on the B/S/T Forum and Chris needs to check your name against the IAA Membership List. Follow these instructions:

How to join the the IAA Member Usergroup:

  • Click on the User Control Panel located on the left of the top line under the IAA Logo.
  • Click Usergroups
  • Click the button next to the IAA Member
  • In the drop-down menu, make sure “Join selected” is your option
  • Click submit
  • Wait patiently; your approval to join is manually activated


Thanks for your help, Ron. I followed your instructions and received a message that my application was successfully submitted and received. I am very patient, and now feel confident that my BST membership will be processed. Thank you agin for your help.


Craig–GREAT!! I suspect Chris will approve your registration this evening if he has the time. Otherwise, it will be within a couple of days.


I took care of it tonight, Craig should be good to go. I have contacted everyone else awaiting a approval b/c I can’t verify their IAA membership. If you are reading this and waiting for B/S/T access, please contact me directly and provide the information (name, e-mail address) that you are registered with/paying for your IAA membership. I need it so I can deconflict your username with your paid registration.





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Ron, Cris and all others who hepled me,

I was able to sucessfully post a message on the B/S/T Forum today. Thank you all for advising me and executing my request. I am new to this site and am absolutely astounded at all of the outstanding knowledge and expertise available here. Thanks again to all who helped and everyone else who is sharing their knowledge…