Why can't I print it out


On Page 1 of the thread on torpedoe gyros, I cannot print out all of page 1 of the thread. I print it out and I get only 6 pages from the printer, which is barely 1/2 of the Forum’s Page One. Forum page 2 of this thread prints out o.k., but it is not as long. This is the first time I have not been able to print out an entire thread.

What’s going on?


John -

Everything works for me; in fact I can’t conjure up a way to make it not work.

When you do the Ctrl-P to print, do you have the “print all” radio button checked or something else?

What is the memory capacity of your printer itself and of the printer cache on your system?

I suspect you may be exceeding the temporary storage capacities of the latter?

(1) Go to: My Computer - Control Panel - Printers and Faxes
(2) This will bring up a list of the printers available (typically one).
(3) Right click on the description of the printer you are using.
— This will give you a drop down menu
(4) Left click on Properties (typically the last item in the above menu)
(5) In the resulting window, there will be six tabs near the top - left click Advanced.
(6) The resulting display should have three sections - be sure the first option of the middle section, “Spool print documents . . . .” is selected.
(7) If it is not, select it and then click on “Apply” at the very bottom of the window, then “Apply” (or “OK” if that latter option is not available) at each subsequent step as the windows close and try printing again.

I can copy / paste the thread into a Word document but am not familiar enough with that brand word processing app to manipulate things to show the photos in their entirety. If I had to, I could cut and paste the individual elements I wished to save into a document.

Sorry that I cannot offer more help.