Why is there a "SS" on this Israeli 7.9x57 cartridge?

I saw this Israeli round online and was curious as to the meaning of the SS engraving on its head-stamp? I assume it has nothing to do with the SS :-) ?




I believe it’s just a hold-over term, “Schwerespitzgeschoss”, or heavy bullet (198 grains).

The German term would be “schweres Spitzgeschoss” which was commonly abbreviated as “s.S.”.

I am suprised they used the term.

Thank you so much, everyone.


Is anything here factual ? Woodin Lab. says the reason is unknown as no label has ever been found for this ammo.

Facts or opinions here ?

I am sad to say, then that Woodin Lab hasn’t been looking very hard.

There have been loads of photos of Israeli Box labels with “SS” included in the Hebrew text regarding this ammo.
As to the difference between “sS” (German, Schweres Spitzgeschoss= Heavy Pointed Bullet) and “SS” for the same meaning, it seems just a Typografical thing…Several Euro makers in the 30s used “SS” to denote a heavy ball round ( ie, FN, Hirtenberger, etc…mostly on ammo for Latin America 7,65 Arg. esp.)

BTW, the Germans never used the “sS” in any Headstamp, the only indication is on rearsight bases in the 1920s…when both “S” and “sS” ball was in use…rear sight ramps could be interchanged on the Modified Gew98s of the Weimar and K and G series (1934 and 35) series of Gew98M rifles, the intermediate upgrade as the Kar98k was being introduced.
Some German ammo packets of the 1920s also carry the marking "sS’ referring to the heavy ball cartridge. (to distinguish it from the WW I S ball of 154grains.
( 10 grams).
A More detailed search of the Mauser sections of Gunboards will show up the use and extent of the “sS” markings in German Service during the Weimar Period.

Doc AV

Another case of cross fertilization betwqeen IAA Cartridge matters and GB Gun matters.

How about posting a photo of the label ?

I am surprised to hear that the Wooden Labs doesn’t have a Israeli 7.9mm “SS” heavy ball box label. They are not a scarce item.

Maybe jonnyc can give us a translation.





Thank you. My mistake. Woodin Lab has this but said it had not been translated.

Here’s a translation (right to left):

20 CARTRIDGES 7.92 M"M // M.Y. (I have never found out for sure what this abbrev. means.)
LOT: [2-2/57 K]

I think the “Medium Machinegun” at that time would have been MG 34s and 42s, and possibly some BESA tank guns and Drors. I’m not sure if the IDF used any Brownings in 7.92.

Jonnyc – Thanks a lot for the translation.


What is the purple around the primer called? I forgot :-) Great photos and translation.


[quote=“APFSDS”]What is the purple around the primer called? I forgot :-) Great photos and translation.


Primer sealant; primer annulus, take your pic.


Thanks, Bud! :-)