Why no "s.S. L'spur"?

Why is it that there was no tracer companion to the German “s.S.” or “S.m.E.” cartridges in 7,9 caliber? It would seem to be a waste to use the “S.m.K L’spur” with ball cartridges.

Did the German Army not specify tracers for general ground use and only intend them to be used “air-to-air” or “ground-to-air”?


As far I know, the Germans never made a sS Leuchtspur.

There exist a description about the SmE Leuchtspur. To this regulation it must have a blue anulus and a bullet with a black tip.
For many years I hade a round looking like this in my collection in the department fake


You told me about the S.m.E, L

There is no possibility to identify a SmE Lsp. from the outside.
Take one with me for you.
We talk about it in St Louis. For all other guy

Very interesting information! I knew about the SmK L’spur with un-hardened cores from late in the war, but did not know about the SmE L’spur.

From German army manuals, how was the SmK L’spur used on the ground?
Was it mixed in with regular ball ammunition just for the tracer element, or was tracer not used by ground machinguns?


Normally you can say, lacquered steel case for ground troops. Brass case for the air force.