I have not bothered with the “FORUM” for some time but stopped by for a look. Still under 800 registered users in a universe of MILLIONS of potential parties of interest.

FURTHER ; running “AMMUNITION” on GOOGLE still finds the IAA web site second from the last on page 2.


Why can’t you young bloods who know how this technology works kick this site up a couple of notches?

The site is no further up the page than it was when I brought this up over a year ago.


Do we need a BROWSER CZAR to promote this?

It’s grow or die in the world of competition for attention and resources.

I am no expert on Google, but one thing I do know is that it is nearly impossible to be #1, page one, on any single word search with-out having a large web site with a constantly changing and updated Home Page. If you type in a 2 word search in Google you have much better chances of being number 1.

For example, it is very hard to be number 1 for TIGERS, but not nearly as hard to be #1 for WHITE TIGERS, BABY TIGERS, ENDANGERED TIGERS, TIGER PICTURES, ect.

The key is in the content of each page of a web site. It needs to be filled with 2 word KEY WORDS that get searched. I have learned this from writing allot of content on my own web site and having a “Site Optimizer”, source code the content making it easier for the search engines to find. For the longest time, our 1000+ page web site was number 1 for tons of search words, never a single word key word, but as soon as your site stagnates, you loose ranking fast!

I really suck with computers but this is what I learned from the experts we have hired in the past.

Sounds like you may be the BROWSER CZAR who we need to push this up a few notches. Hoe do you get that “site optimizer” ?

In most cases it cost $$$$$$$$$ to hire a Site Optimizer.

Sounds like a project for the WEBMASTER.

Their are people who specialize in web site optimizing. It is a specialized skill that changes on a almost daily basis.

Usually it is only worth doing the whole search-engine web optimization thing if you are a website that sells something, or allot of things. The IAA has a great website, but the only thing they sell is memberships, which is only once a year, and only to a few hundred people per year. The web optimizing stuff that I have heard of where programmers “put the fix in” for a particular search string, or word usually costs anywhere from a few thousand dollars, to ten-thousand dollars. They charge that much because usually the buyer stands to make that much money from selling things. One great way to get more people on the site and the forum would be to give incentives to members to give out some sort of coupon to other non-members which could only be redeemed at the website. Like for instance, every member that was interested could have a bunch of coupon codes specific to themselves which they could give out to prospective new members, and every time a new user signed on for membership, the existing member who provided the enticing and redeemed coupon-code could then receive a kickback in the form of a discount on their renewal? Huh, huh…?

IAA needs more members so they will have the money to expand and improve services to the members. Kickbacks on memberships, not only not covered in IAA bylaws, would reduce IAA income. Members should try to encourage others to join because they believe in the organization and the services it provides, with ALL VOLUNTEER WORKERS AND OFFICERS, to our hobby.

Just my opinion.

Opinions and project ideas are wonderful but, as John said, volunteers and limited financial resources can only do so much. All IAA members are welcome to contribute their time, and yes even money, to carry-out some of the more expensive and time-consuming projects that might be beneficial to the organization.

I just signed up a new member today. He emailed me about a .30-06 cartridge given to him, and asked about cleaning the cartridge. I referred him to our site with a link to Cartridge Cleaning and Care. He said he spent about an hour browsing our site and was going to join.

Google indexes pages not only using search/key words, but also on external references: The more external references (links) lead to a page, the higher it ranks in the google search lists.

Since ammunition collecting is not a hobby that is ‘that’ widespread, there are not too many external links to this forum, hence the ‘bottom of page 2’ result.

If everyone adds a link to the site on his/her personal or company website, it will go up.

(Many so-called ‘Internet experts’ will charge you for this information, haha)

Very true, VLIM!!! That is a big factor as well.


As Vlim pointed out, links that point back to your site are very important in search engine rankings and are somewhat outside of the site owner’s control. Here are some other ways to optimize a site for search engine ranking:

  1. Get a core group of keywords as APFSDS suggested.

  2. Run the keywords through the keyword suggestion tool at http://adwords.google.com and use the resulting lists to refine your keyword pool.

  3. Sign up for Google’s webmaster tools at http://www.google.com/webmasters/tools/. From there you can get an analysis of your page ranking, see what search terms people are actually using to reach your site etc.

  4. Once you have a solid group of keywords, using them in specific ways on the page can help rankings:

  • Use them in the page title (the one that appears in the web browser’s title bar, not the title that shows up on the page)
  • Use them in the page’s META DESCRIPTION tag (the META KEYWORD tag is not heavily weighted by search engines any more)
  • Use them in page headers, and use


    , etc. tags for this purpose rather than just styling regular text to look like a header

  • Use them in links
  • Don’t use overly-broad keywords or too many keywords or you run the risk of looking “spammy” and having your ranking downgraded
  1. Don’t focus exclusively on Google. Get listed in the Yahoo! Directory at http://dir.yahoo.com (this is different than Yahoo! search). This costs quite a bit for commercial sites but I think it is free for non-commercial sites.

  2. Try to get listed in the Open Directory Project at http://www.dmoz.org. They provide content to many other web sites, and getting listed can result in links back to you. There’s no guarantee they will include any given site, and it can take a long time to get accepted since submissions are screened by actual people. It is best to read up on their editorial guidelines and policies before submitting your site - I’ll leave that info off since this is already straying pretty far from cartridges, but feel free to PM me if anyone is interested.

Exactly! Well said Chip! Those are all things the guy we hired to optimize our site did as well as the way he instructed me to write content. It really works.

That being said, the forum itself is bringing in ALLOT of outsiders to the IAA. I wonder how many visits their have been if you add up all the visits each thread has received?? I am sure it is mindboggling and way beyond our membership #'s. The forum is a awesome tool for the IAA to get exposure.


Remember that this is a rather specialized endevor . You must have some basic knowledge to understand and enjoy this stuff. It’s often not easy to research some cartridges. Sherlock Holmes would have had difficulity some days.

Put a link to the IAA forum in your posts on other forums.

Promote the IAA at gun shows .
Print out the membership forms and display them on your table along with a few copys of the Journal

The price for a membership in IAA is a true bargin today especially with the electronic version available now .

Tell a few friends …

The list goes on only limited by your imagination.


OK, OK: I’m joining the IAA. Right now.

Wow! Everything looks so different…

…And I still hate Paypal.