Wierd .45-70 Govt case/hstp

I got a new 45-70 round for the collection and when I got home noticed that the case appears to be turned (lathed) brass and the hstp is done as if with a punch. It does not follow the curve of the rim and is straight across the head. Hstp is “SPANZ” above the primer and “45-70” below it. Has anyone else come across any of these before? Was/is it common for cases to be turned? Any ideas on hstp?

Three questions in one. I know its a big ask but I’m confident that the forum will come through


South Pacific Ammo New Zealand
also known in .577 Snider, and also turned case.
Think these were from the 1950’s. but may be wrong about that

falcon5nz–Could you post a picture of the headstamp for reference purposes now that Pete has identified it?

Ron- I will ask one of my workmates to photograph it for me. I will however have to email it to you for posting if thats ok.
Is this a rare hstp?


Nick-I don’t know if it is rare or not, but I have been collecting .45-70 for a few years and I had never heard of it, so, I assume it is not common.

I will be glad to post it for you. Just click on “email” below.