Wikipedia for the Ammo Hobby?


Is anyone using Wikipedia for the purpose of furthering the study/hobby of ammunition?


I do, a lot of stuff there.


I’m not sure what wikipedia is, other than I occasionally get hits from wikipedia in my searches.


Wikipedia is an on-line (web) only open-end encyclopedia in which anyone can post entries. It has a rather interesting truth verification system (for instance, I post an article that Mao is a genius, and you post the same saying he is son of a female dog. Who is right?). It is good, look at it.


Just because something is written/posted on Wikipedia doesn’t mean it’s correct, I always try and verify anything off Wikipedia with another source.
But Wikipedia is quite good.


As stated, wikipedia is an online encyclopedia that anyone can contribute to. I think it might be a good way to start adding information that is relevant to our hobby. Say you look at the article on .30-06: Someone could start a sub-article or section on the headstamps. Granted .30-06 headstamps take up several volumes of books, but it could be a start. Wikipedia pages are showing up at the top of Google search results. Collecting information, could get people interested in the hobby.


Chris—I like your idea. Would be nice to put some short stubs under the IAA in various calibers and specialities to interest people. Perhaps some old articles from the IAA Journals for a start!!!

Is anyone interested in taking this on??


I agree with Simon that anything on Wikipedia should be treated as suspect until verified by another source. It is useful in getting leads on research and I have used it researching early European cartridge companies but found it riddled with errors. (by the way - the 30-06 article on it is a good example).


I agree, wikipedia is the wild wild west on the internet. And heck, there are even shootouts at the wiki coral, but if knowledgeable poeple, like the IAA community start posting to it, then maybe we can make a niche for ourselves.