Wild WWI Dirigible Flechette Projectile

I just bought this unusual flechette and was told it is WW1 era and was made specifically to be dropped on Zeppelins by aircraft flying above them. It has spring loaded fins that are held in place by a square shaped clip thing until release and measures 8.5 inches. Would love to learn more about it if anyone has any info.


I am getting envious! Not of the item, but of the excellent photography showing every detail of this thing. Great Work, Jason.

Thanks, John! I wish I could take the credit for these high quality photos but I can’t. The guy I bought it from took the pics. The item is still inbound to me. He really did an amazing job taking these pics.


Fantastic piece, for some info see: bocn.co.uk/vbforum/threads/8 … iatordart--WW-1/page2

Frank Bergery Derocle, French Engineer, British Patent No. 23,487, Sept. 9th, 1915. Incendiary Bomb or Dart adapted to be Dropped from Aircraft.


HTanks SO MUCH. Brian! That BOCN thread id’s it! Very grateful!


Jason - no matter. You are the one who was thoughtful and posted the pictures, which are interested even to those of use who only collect
"little cartridges."

Thanks, John!

Thanks to BD pointing me to some more info I have learned a lot about this item. Insanely rare and very complicated engineering. Way more advanced then 1st appearances. I’ll scan some pics of drawing later. It was patented in 1914.