Wildcat based on the 6x47 Swiss Match?


I have a round that is a 6x47 Swiss Match except it has been necked down to bullet dia .205/5.20mm any idea what it’s “Wildcat” name is.



Since the 6x47 SM and the 6.5x47 LAPUA became available they have been necked up, down and sideways. Most guys call them names like 6x47 LAPUA or 22x47 SM or, in your case, 20x47 SM.

Unless you can locate the guy who designed it (there are probably more than one) you could call it whatever you want.

Here’s the 20x47 LAPUA Improved. Does it look like this??



Thanks Ray but it’s not 20x47 improved.



I didn’t mean to imply that yours was the 20x47 LAPUA Improved. I showed the print as an illustration of one of the many wildcats based on the 47mm brass. About the only way you can tell them apart is the headstamp.

The Lapua is more common here in the U.S. because the RAUG brass did not reach our shores until after the Lapua had established a following among shooters. The 6x47 SM was introduced first but no one was willing or able to import the stuff and so it never caught on even though shooters were asking for it. And it’s probably too late now, even though it is easier to make the 20 and 22 caliber wildcats from it.