Wildcat ID Assist


I found this on another board, the guy picked them up at the gun range. I’ve already asked for a length to shoulder and case length measurements.


Just my opinion:

A whisper-type case loaded with a VLD 458" bullet. Case length reduction would be necessary to fit the log bullet into a .308 winchester action


Thanks, that helps.

Some more information on it (I requested some basic dimensions)

Case head to start of (very short) taper: 1.173
Case head to end of taper: 1.211
Empty case total length: 1.575
ID of fired case mouth: .467


On the far right a 458 Whisper , a standard belted magnum case cut to 1.75" and loaded with a VLD brass bullet. Note the length of that bullet

If the 300 SA RUM has been cut down to fit these kind of bullets the resulting cartridge could weel fit into a short actioned rifle.
Anyway , I don’t know the wildcat in your picture. A lot of wildcats are born after introduction of RUM and WSM cartridges on the market. The 300 WSM ( itself very similar to the 300 SA RUM) has been necked up to .458 ( standard and improved versions exist) . The 50 B&M short and the 510 WSM are cut-down to shoulder versions of the parent cases later loaded with 50" or 510" bullets. The wildcat in the pictures looks like a short version of the 458 WSM