Wildcat ID?


This was donated to me (probably due to the deep cut below the shoulder), Any clue as to it’s identity?

Headstamp is Fed 25-06 Rem,
bullet is a 6mm (.243),
case length is approx 58mm (2.281).
Shoulder angle about 48 - 49 deg
Shoulder dia .467
base to shoulder 1.954
Base to neck 2.037


Is it a 2 piece case?


It’s possible, but I can’t tell for certain. The “cut” looks deep enough that it could/might" be 2 pieces.
The “cut” is not perfectly square to the base, as it varies some .012 from one side to the other (and I’m surprised that my eye was still good enough to notice the variance)



Interesting. I’ve made cases like that by accident in a sizing die and I bet I could make one on purpose. But for our purposes here I’ll assume it wasn’t made deliberately, such as for a joke.

It almost looks like a case that collapsed when seating the bullet. This might also account for the steep shoulder angle. Perhaps it was originally something on the order of a 40 degree shoulder that was pushed back in trying to seat a tight bullet and the case collapsing too.

Just SWAGs on my part.

Why not gently pull the bullet to see what it looks like on the inside>



Well, it’s a 2pc case, now. No big deal.
The cut looks like something done with a tubing cutter (vs a lathe cut). No evidence of a seating wrinkle, IE: no shoulder bulge.
Perhaps the original owner had started to section the case? He is a BR shooter/gunsmith, and this one also has a split neck, so his cutting into it wouldn’t have been unreasonable during the development stage.