William D. de Hek

Although I did not personally know him, to my knowledge, it is my sad duty to pass on from my friend Rolf Pfennig, news that the respected collector and researcher Willam D. de Hek passed away this morning, July 8th, 2011.

He had just finished four new books on German ammunition, which will by published by the NVBMB.

Our condolences to his family and close friends. I am sure that someone who knew him personally can write a more fitting tribute to this gentleman, who I know was held in high regard by his friends, and contributed much to our hobby.

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Sad news. Willem D. de Hek very generously gave me permission to use his fantastic drawings and photos of Dutch MIRA (miniature rockets) in my Gyrojet book, and he offered to help me by providing any information I needed. Because of him, the chapter on foreign Gyrojets is a lot better than it would have been otherwise. He will be missed, but his incredible work will live on.

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May he rest in peace!

We seen him last time at our German ECRA show in April. He was very ill but still had the power to visit shortly. Now I wonder if he knew it was for the last time.

I will miss him.

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Once again, an old Friend and a nice Fellow passed away…

He had been sick for several years, but took it with a great courage. and managed to attend almost every European meetings.

His fantastic drawings are some of the best ever made about ammo.

I would like to join, to his survivors and friends, all my condolences and this, also in the name of our French AFERHM association (French branch of ECRA).

He will be deeply missed


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Thanks Mr. Moss. I am the son of William and still miss him today. I am wondering if you still need something of his work or can share me some stories about my father.
Kind regards ivar

I am delighted to see you on the Forum. Your father was a great good friend. Your mother and I exchange emails once or twice a year. I remember you and your brother from a visit we had with you, and I remember both of you when you brought your mother to an ECRA meeting in Holland some years back.

I hope all is well with your family! We greatly miss your father.


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Thanks Lewis! Yes I remember! My mother’s keeps you in high regards as a dear friend. She is doing fine, although still recovering from breast cancer. Her Friend, Henk is very ill unfortunaly. See attached my father and his sons in his prime.

Have a good weekend! image

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This photo is probably from 1950’s (I guess). It shows MAS36 on the wall. Obviously, these guns were allowed at that time. Is it still the same (allowed) in Holland? I know in Russia there is a major difference legally between rifled and smooth bore arms.

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On behalf of the Collectors of Arms and Ammunitions Argentine Association, our condonlences to his family and friends.
Javier M. Ramallo, V.P. AACAM

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Sksvlad, yes they are still allowed. The laws changed a lot the last few years but a lot is still possible. Some things even got easier. Becomming a firearms collector is easier and also full auto is still possible.

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