Williamsport ammo show (photos)

It actually took place in Woodward Township Firehouse. Many thanks to Vic for the ice cream and his wife for strawberries. Click on "view photo book"

Vlad; Sorry, but when I went to your link, there was nothing that said “view photo book,” or anything like that. But the site did want me to sign up.

You are right, I forgot about sign-up. How about this link to BOCN bocn.co.uk/vbforum/threads/9 … -ammo-show? Would this work? Can you see images underneath?

Thank you for the photos Vlad!

Cake just isn’t the same without some Cool Whip!


Thanks very much for taking the time (I know it can be a pain) to post all of these pictures. I am going to make it to this show someday.