Williamsport,PA 2012 show photos


I’ll start with something bitter but shall finish with something sweet. The 1st photo is a tribute to Otto Witt. The 2nd photo was meant for all of you who did not attend this show. The traditional strawberry sundae ending, appropriately queued at the end, has Jon with a single cartridge sitting in whipped cream. If you know the headstamp, let us know. Enjoy.





Ha! jonnyc happy with strawberry like a cat with sour cream


It was delicious!!!


Looks like it was a great show with good items and great people attending !!!
So sorry I could not have been there ! Nice tribute to Otto ! M. Rea


The Morgantown, PA show is next on the agenda (August 17-18). Hope to see many of you there!


Great photos of an awesome looking show. REALLY liked seeing and knowing that the lost legends are honored. Thanks for posting these photos :-)