Williamsport,PA ammo show photos


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Enviably. In Russia similar it is impossible. Even with inert cartridges


What has changed in Russia?


Nothing. Our police authorizes to hold an exhibition of the inert weapon for children and arrests owners of the inert weapon at an exhibition.


There has been exchange of inert ammo for a couple of years. Now it has stopped. Why ?


I have already answered your question here: http://iaaforum.org/forum3/viewtopic.php?f=8&t=10882&p=77874#p77874
All these changes are very sad. I promised to mister Hildebrand (http://oldammo.com/) early Russian 7.62х54R cartridges with a round bullet, but I can not fulfill the promise. I have them some tens, but I can not send them to the USA even through neighboring countries.


Is it possible to drive out of Russia with inert ammo ?


Theoretically probably to take out inert cartridges in hand luggage, but almost wishing to participate in this experiment isn’t present.


Just in case anyone wants to know to exactly what 2moutrage is making a reference in his 1st blue link, it is a Russian forum in which there is a discussion of a small gun show which started well but in the afternoon Russian Federal police shows up and confiscates a bunch of rare exhibits. It clearly ticks them off. The discussion is filled up with slang and inside references only they understands, so I did not feel very bad when I read one of the forum people saying that he does not understand anything and asks for plain language clarification. Makes me feel smart for leaving the USSR, even though I live next to New Jersey.


I will explain. One collector of the inert weapon wanted to organize gunshow at office OMON (Russian analog SWAT) and to show the collection. It had the permission of a management OMON, it had set of papers confirming that the weapon inertly, but the police all the same has arrested him. It occurs at ANY attempt of demonstration of the weapon or cartridges in Russia. You have all possible papers, but you will arrest. Russian police constantly puts pressure upon collectors of the weapon, cartridges and military property. Each policeman has the task to catch necessary quantity of criminals in a month. And this quantity increases with each month. It is called “as positive dynamics of struggle against criminality”. If the policeman catches necessary quantity of criminals - it has career. Therefore Russian policemen falsify proofs of crimes.


When I was in the Soviet Union even the black marketeers were afraid to handle guns or ammo of any sort. I was amazed when collecting started up there. Now many of those with whom I was in contact have vanished.


Sort of sounds like Fast 'n Furious. Sad part is I think we’ve heard the last of that, it’s all forgotten now, and nothing will change for the better.

For those in foreign lands, the US Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms (BATF) had a program (FnF) to supply Mexican narco gangs in Mexico with thousands of weapons, and it was discovered. There’s lots about it we will likely never know.


Fast and Furious is a long way from forgotten. The head of BATF was just interviewed by a Congressional committee on the 4th of July, appearing with his own attorney, and evidently trying to pin things on higher ups, which is probably true. The congressman from California seems to have believed his story, and is taking his side. Seems the higher ups in the Justice Department want him to resign, or to fire him - in short, to “take the fall” for the whole scheme.

The fact that the Mexican Govt. was not notified of the whole program, and that there are few US Agents working with them south of the border, lends credence to the opinion that the actual purpose of the whole program was to try to justify the phony statistic that 90% of the gang guns in Mexico come from US commercial sources, an outright lie of course. More of the weapons come from other countries military stores, including also those of Mexico. Justifying it gives leftists like Feinstein and the rest the opening for much stricter gun laws, including a permanent renewal of the assault rifle ban. Of course here in California, we never go relief from that stupid law due to the California law.

These people will really stop at nothing to totally gut the 2nd Amendment, even if it means people get killed with the guns they force legitimate dealers to release to hoodlums. A sad day in America, and one that I hope will be remembered, along with pursuit and prosecution of everyone involved, from the lowest agent to the highest figure in Government privy to the scheme. Remember though that all the rank and file agents aren’t the bad guys - it was field agents that opened the door and let the light shine on this stain on America.