Williamsport PA show 40th anniversary (photos) 2014

See what you’ve missed.


Dick Fraser looks like the happiest man on the planet. A true descendent of John Hintlian!

His pockets don’t look quite full of doughnuts & cookies yet.

Captions for those of us who do not know the players?

A single guy in a blue shirt in front of USS Hiawatha (the paddle boat) is Vic Engel, a person responsible for this and St.Louis shows. Many thanks to him and his wife for this wonderful show and for the boat ride and for ice cream with delicious strawberries at the end of the show, and for letting me fold’n’carry many dealers’ tables and chairs after the show. Really, Vic, I enjoyed myself.

A gentleman opening cheap lotto tickets (with a huge pile of them on the table) is Dan Dietz, a long time collector and somewhat of a friend of mine, and next to him is Robert Fetch and his wife Mary (I think?). We did not win even a fired cartridge, nothing, but neither did Aaron Newcomer (this web site’s master?) in the next photo, the guy with a red beard, and standing, almost blocking him is Dave Sutton (NATO member).

OK, here’s an attempt to add some captions. I apologize for any omissions or mistakes:

  1. Martin Golland on the left.
  2. Aaron Newcomer’s photo lab.
  3. Bill Hartlein’s pony-tail, Dave Kutchta, and Aaron Newcomer.
  4. Vicky Engel, and a boat.
  5. Joe Sutphin hiding behind my hand, me, a bearded and hatted Dave Sutton, a pensive Karl Bruemmer, Mike Rhodes, Doug Binau.
  6. Bill Hartlein, Mary (Fetch?), Danny Deitz, Bob Fetch.
  7. Me, NatoDave, Doug Binau’s back, Gene Spicer, the Rhode’s backs.
  8. Mike Boccachio, the Spicers, Madeline Bruemmer.
  9. John Scott, in the middle with cane.
  10. Martin and Bridget Golland (yeah, I know, I too was shocked!), Pat and Fred Butt.
  11. Mary Engel, with 2 men and a boat.
  12. Peter, Pete, Jr., and Milada Mouka.
  13. A boat.
  14. Monica Wright in pink, Dick Fraser in stripes. You’ve already met all the others.
  15. Drinking on a boat. Must be the Royal Navy.
  16. Dave and Carol Sutton, me, and Bridget Golland; all eating.
  17. Doug and Vicky Binau, and the Broncatos.
  18. The cooks eating first…or last…not sure.
  19. Looking at the river…from the boat.
  20. Danny and Bob playing the Lotto, hoping to pay their bar tab.
  21. NatoDave’s beard and Aaron Newcomer.
  22. Not sure if they won or lost.
  23. John Scott tipping the steward.
    OK, I’m tired now, and I left before the strawberries were served. Someone else can pick up the thread.

Thanks johnnyc. Always good to put faces on those famous names.


It was so good to see a picture of Danny Dietz. Dick Manos and Danny used to go together to Chicago every year, and the three of us made it a point to go out to dinner together once during the show. Both were good guys, and good friends. After Dick passed away, Danny didn’t come out to the show anymore, and I lost contact with him. If anyone is reading this that is in contact with danny, will you please tell him the John Moss says hello, and remembers him (and of course our mutual friend Dick) very fondly.

Thank you.

John, I will probably be talking to Danny in the next few weeks, will relay your message.

Nobody else going to pick up the gauntlet?
OK, I’ll try to provide some info on the participants of the John Hintlian Memorial Strawberries and Ice Cream Social.

  1. Martin Golland winging that someone got more than he did.
  2. Aaron Newcomer getting a big serving of ice cream from that same steward as the night before! Mary Engel and Lee Hocker are far left and right, and Jim Frigiola is far back up the middle.
  3. Dick “Gollum” Fraser gloating over “his precious” ice cream.
  4. Dick with his Spanish friend from Boston! Go Sox!!!
  5. Lee and Lisa Hocker levelling disapproving looks, probably at Vic, Martin, or Joe.
    And that’s all she wrote! I hope nobody was offended by an omission or a miss-spelling.