Williamsport Show!

Hope to see some of you at the Williamsport show. I’ll be there on Friday. Will have the wife with me instead of NatoDave. I expect to be leaving a bit earlier than usual! Would love to see some new guys with lots of metric-military ammo.

Good hunting, wish I was going !

Be nice to see all the folks from that end of the country.

Hope everyone comes home with some goodies.

Could you post the hours for the show? I can only make it on Saturday, and I don’t want to miss the ice cream bash.

Friday 7:30am - 6:00pm.
Sat. 8:00am - 12:00 noon.

Vlad just icecream? don’t forget the great strawberries that come with it. YUMMY !

Someone, please take lots of photos of all the ammo, displays and attendees ;-)


Unfortunately I could only stay for the day, but I must say that this was the best Williamsport show I have ever attended…and I have been at almost every one since 1988. It was a new venue, but the set-up was excellent, great lighting, available food (such as it was), and the most walk-ins I think I’ve ever seen at that show.
Congrats to Vic and that other guy…whats his name…Joe something…