Wilson .45 acp


I blundered into 23 45 Auto fired cases headstamped “WILSON (over) .45 ACP” and two plastic 50-round flip top boxes with:
Wilson Combat ®
Berryville, AR
moulded into the top; identical to the J&J Plastics 45 Auto box without the WILSON, etc.
Cases appear to be made by Starline – flashhole deburred, Federal nickel-plated primers.
Is anyone keeping track of these modern specialty/proprietary headstamps? I also have BULLSEYE 45 COLT Starline-made cases/box, and SPEER and HORNADY-headstamped Starline-made cases (colon between the numerical designation and word designation of the caliber ie. 45:AUTO, 380:AUTO, 9mm:LUGER). Are the HSM (Hunter’s Shack Munitions) -headstamped cases also Starline-made?


That’s a new one on me. I have never seen the Wilson .45 Headstamp. Would love to buy one of those empty cases from you, along with a copy of the box label.

Its amazing how many new (or perhaps older) headstamps have eluded the collectors, probably because as even large lots have been loaded recently, it disappears off of the “panic” market before we collectors even find out about it.

By all means, don’t reload and shoot up the Wilson’s until it is found out when they were made and if it is going to be a common round on the market (that is, an ongoing headstamp - Wilson has been in business for years, and are likely to remain so).

John Moss


dArtagnan, I think you have found a small treasure trove. I think this is a headstamp that hasn’t turned up in the collector community before. I checked with the Woodin Lab and they don’t have this headstamp.

The cartridges were loaded by Wilson Combat in about 2005. They seem to have started with custom M1911s but now offer a broad range of guns. They purchased Starline cases in 2005 and loaded a single lot of ammunition under the Wilson brand. This ammunition was sold out by late-2006 or 2007. You can find them at:

Wilson Combat® & Scattergun Technologies™
2234 CR 719
Berryville, AR 72616


Hello dArtagnan.

I too am interested in one or more of your Wilson .45 acp rounds. I would also add it to my .45 acp Head Stamp check list.
Please let me know what you need to have for a round of this ammo. Thanks.

Butch Daubner



If you would sell all of the .45 acps and boxes, in your posting, please let me know the price. I would add all of the head stamps to the check list list with your attribution. Thanks.

Butch Daubner


I plan to attend the SLICS show Thursday afternoon, Friday, and Saturday morning. I’ll have them all with me. If you’ll be there, we can discuss it there. -d’Artagnan



Sorry to say that I can not make the SLIC’s show. I am still interested in all of the .45 acp cartridges, fired or empty. If you still have them after the show, send me an email.





Pardon my ignorance, what is a .45 ACP checklist? If you hadn’t been able to tell before, I’m a reloader and not a collector. Collectors, for example, have collections; I, on the other hand, have examples. The two fields actually overlap, we both can use manufacturers lot numbers in determining age and I keep finding previously-unknown headstamps which the forum members can help identify.


Regarding the HSM headstamp. I just got some HSM-headstamped 44 Magnum cases. They have the deburred flash hole and other characteristics of Starline manufacture.


I know this thread is quite a few years old, but I’ve recently come across 4 of these Wilson casings in a bag of once fired brass. The info in this thread is really all I’ve been able to find about them. If anyone is still interested in them, let me know. I’m going to keep 2 of them for myself but if anyone would like the other 2 to add to their collection, I’d be more than willing to part with them.


Here is an image of this I found recently:

I checked their website, and it appears that they are either using this headstamp again, or else they are using an old stock photo at this link:



Received today two boxes from Wilson Combat, both Barnes TAC-XP loads, one in .38 Super +P, and the other .45acp +P. They both have Wilson headstamps, which leaves me to wonder if they are doing most of their cases with Wilson headstamps presently, given the relative obscurity of .38 Super.


Just received another Wilson headstamp, this one a 9mm +P in a box of their XTP loaded ammo this month. I also ordered some 10mm, and .38spl with TAC-XP bullets, but they were Starline. A rep there told me that in pistol calibers they have only done headstamps for: 9mm, 9mm +P, .45acp, .45acp +P, and .38 Super +P.


The Wilson 45 also exists without the +P. I have it around here someplace. I only know of the 9mm +P



Here is the 9mm Wilson headstamp without the +P. I had it as an empty case from that same lot of 2000 reprocessed brass from Fedarm that I found the older style LAX headstamp in. Lew, you may or may not have picked it up from me at SLICS - I dont remember where it ended up.

Here is the .45 auto headstamp without +P, found the image from an online source somewhere. I only possess the +P version.


Many thanks for the photo. I missed this one at SLICS. I did find it on the Wilson website and ordered a box. They have a new box label and call the ammo Pinnacle. I wonder what headstamp it will have, Wilson, Pinnacle or Starline. I will let you know.