Wilson Ammunition Revisited


I could not find the original thread of a short time ago discussing Wilson Ammunition. However, this was important for anyone thinking ot order it for the WILSON headstamp. Originally, I was told by the Wilson company that all of their ammo had the WILSON headstamp. Today, I went to order some, and stressed it must have that headstamp. A very nice gentlemen went out to the Warehouse and actuall looked at each caliber (auto pistol ammo only), and only 9mm Para and .45 Auto had the Wislon headstamp. All other auto pistol calibers were Starline Brass with the normal Starline headstamp - .380, .40 S&W, 10 mm, .38 Super.

Agian, only 9mm and .45 has a WILSON Headstamp. I am sorry for the previous information, but it came from the primary source, Wilson, even though it is proven incorrect.


Hi John,

I see the Wilson Ammo for sale on the Midway Arms site. Many different offerings on the .45 acp side.

Merry Christmas!

Butch Daubner