Win 32 short rimfire


I am new on this forum. I recently inherited a few old boxes of Winchester .32 short rimfire ammo. Some boxes have never been opened. Two boxes are open and partly used. The photo at this link shows examples. … imfire.jpg

I am curious as to whether there is any interest in this, and what might this ammo be worth?


Welcome to the forum, cjwils!

Those are some early Winchester boxes from around the late 1870s in very very good condition.

Another IAA member has some similar boxes listed on his website here,, which will give you an idea of value. He has this same box in .30 Long and similar box in .32 Extra Short.

The .32 Shorts were a little more common though so they will not have quite the same value.


Thanks, Aaron: Those prices are impressive! My cartridges are not quite as old as you thought. The edge of the boxes says, “Process of Lubricating Patented Sept 12, 1882.” The lubrication consists of something that might originally been a waxy coating on the bullets, but in the open boxes, you can see that the lubricant has mostly flaked off, leaving a gray power in the boxes.

By the way, I have a rifle that fires these. It is a Winchester model 1885 level action signal shot. The serial number is 35442, which says puts its date of manufacture in 1889. About 50 years ago, my dad and I fired a few of these cartridges in that gun, and every shot worked properly. I wonder if somewhere out there is a collector who is dying to find both a gun and bullets from that era in .32 rimfire.