Winchester 12ga dummy question


This is my last dum dummy question of 2006. Here is a plastic dummy round. It looks and sounds like there is a BB load inside (plastic is semi-transparent). Why?


It is loaded as a real one just to get the weight as a real one.


Alex is right about the dummies having a shot load to be the same weight as loaded rounds. These are functioning dummies, made to help gunsmiths find problems in shotguns (and also for training people on how to load and unload shotguns). Full weight cartridges react much differently to the feeding cycle in various types of shotguns (pump, semi-auto, bolt action, single-shot and doubles with and without ejectors, etc.) than do empty cases. For example, I shoot a lot with Model 1897 Winchesters. They are somewhat prone to parts breakage, in part due their age and in part due to the rough treatment they get in the sport I take part in. Broken ejectors and broken left extractors are common. One with a broken left extractor will generally throw out full-weight cartridges all day, while they will not eject an empty case. Sometimes one with a good left extractor but a broken ejector will not throw out full-weight cartridges but WILL throw out an empty. Sometimes they wont throw out either. A gunsmith should keep full-weight dummies and some fired cases for testing the action of these shotguns when trouble-shooting a problem with them-the full weight dummies for feeding problems and the empty cases for extraction/ejection problems.


What John say is just correct all the way but I would like to add one thing, it doesn’t exist any dummy question, only dummy behavior and I am the prof of that, 9 years ago i was testing a 9mm pistol because I tooth the extractor was damage so I tested it with live ammo and in some way I fired true my legs TWO times with one bullet. I was very lucky, it was a FMJ and didn’t make any serios damage, after just 3 days I was able to walk again. You might not be that lucky so “trust me” don’t play with guns and live ammo.