Winchester 150th anniversary ammunition a bummer for cartridge collectors


Winchester 150th anniversary ammunition a bummer for cartridge collectors.
In checking out the 150th anniversary cartridges at a local store, I notice the 12 gauge shot-shells have a special 150 th. head-stamp.
However I notice the 30/30 Winchester and 270 Winchester did not have a special head-stamp as in past Winchester special editions, although they did have nickel plated brass cases. A real bummer for single cartridge collectors.
No sure on the 44-40 not available at this writing in Maine.
The 30-30 Winchester comes in a nice outer wooden box, but not the .270 Winchester.
If your a box collector you will like the boxes, but if a single cartridge collectors who like special head-stamps, you’ll only need or like the 12 gauge.
I did not see the 44-40 special edition boxes yet.
My Best to all,
David Call
A Call to Arms, LLC


And you think for the 150th they would have went all out. Thanks for letting us know. If that is the way it is, I wont be buying a box and I was thinking about it.



Interesting that they would go all out on the packaging but not the cases themselves.

Thanks for the info!