Winchester 2018 Catalog




Brian - I’ve downloaded the others, but neither of the
sites you give will open for me. The first one opens, but
I can’t print out the format it opens to. The second one
basically says, when I enter it, that it doesn’t exist.

Any way to find a copy of this catalog that will print out?
At best, I have never had any luck with printing these "flip-page"
catalog downloads. It is almost like the company doesn’t want their
catalog printed out. Maybe I am the last person on the planet that
prints out all this stuff? :-(

John Moss


John, all the links with the “.pdf” in the end: do a right click and select “save as” and then save it to where you want it to be in your PC.

The “flip” one you flip a page or two and then you will have the small symbols of which one is for “download”. That one you click and also define the destination folder on your PC.



PM sent.