Winchester .22 BB caps box variant

Bought one of those usual “drawer-collections” that always appear when there is an amnesty running.

One small box had me wondering: It is a very near copy of the 1890’s issues (Dunn’s upgrades: but has one small detail different from the old ones: Around the headstamp H in a circle, there is a trade mark reg. in US pat. off. text which is not on the boxes shown in Dunn’s upgraded. Red ‘smokeless’ overprint as well.
Content shown to the right on yellow box.
Is this a newer commemorative box? It’s in a relatively good condition, which makes me wonder.


Your box is shown in the original Dunn as the WRA-3-BB-4 but the description for BB-4 states that BB-4 is the same as BB-3 but with a red SMOKELESS overstamp. BB-3 does not have the H in a circle on the front so when I did the upgrade I put in the correct box for BB-4 (no H in circle and with a red overstamp). I believe that your box is the correct BB-3 and Tony’s is incorrect. Looking at it now I think that Tony used a BB-1 box for his BB-3 example. Would it be okay for me to use your image to replace the BB-3 in the upgrade? I believe your box may be a WRA-8 and not a WRA-3 because of the trade mark logo and the red W on the on the flaps. There’s a lot of errors in the original Dunn and this is probably one of those.

Certainly, use away. Always glad my little contributions can help someone.
I might have more variants.

Thanks. I’ve added it to the Winchester section. I’d be interested in any variants that you may have.

Found two.

First, this Sellier and Bellot box is the LR1 type but without the ‘made in czechoslovakia’* at the lower bottom edge, or any stickers on top. Bottom is marked with blue ink stamp:1005458976MS
Contents brass case with SB 11 hs, lead bullet.

Screwdriver blade top right is for holding down a bent flap in the corner. Box is not in good condition, end flaps missing etc.
*-Spelling may be wrong-

Next is a RWS prewar kurz domestic S2 box that in shown in black and white in the book. Here is a color version:

Contents are copper case with a serifless* R8 hs and lead bullet.

*Closer to the R9, but shield line is uniformly thick and R is ‘typograhically’ correct, which it is not in the overview on page 3.


Thanks, I’ve added all three of your boxes to the upgrades.