Winchester .22 Num-Rite information?

I searched the “” site for any mention of Winchester (or Western) .22 “Stunite” ammunition with no success. This was apparently something like Remington’s “Safe Stun” .22 ammunition used by slaughterhouses for cattle stunning back in the 1950s and 60s. I read something about the Winchester load, mentioning that it used a graphite bullet, which makes no sense. I think the Remington load used a frangible bullet made with powdered iron. Does anyone have more information about/pictures of the Winchester load?

Dennis, from that description it sounds like a Winchester-Western “Num-Rite” cattle killer cartridge of 1962. It was loaded with a sintered iron cilynder inside an extended case closed with a star crimp.

The Remington line of bulleted cattle killer cartridges was introduced in 1960 and was actually named “Stun Safe”. These were also loaded with sintered iron bullets but using standard cases.

Thanks - I’ll look up Num-Rite.

There’s some info on Num-Rites in the Winchester remake on page 214 near the end of the document.

Yes, I found it after Fede provided the correct name. I have seen Stun Safe ammunition (and even had some at one time), but not the Num-Rite. Remington also manufactured a “Stun Safe” rifle with several unique safety features to use their stunning ammunition but few were made and these are quite rare. I know of only one of them, and that was long ago. I wonder if there was a similar stun rifle produced specifically to use the Num-Rite ammunition? Apparently it was not a highly successful line of products for either Remington or Winchester.

In case anyone is interested I now have the 1964 Winchester Num-Rite Catalog and Instruction Manual scanned. It is 4 pages and shows all the cartridge types and where to shoot the various types of animals to stun them. I will send a PDF copy to anyone that contacts me by email requesting the catalog.